About WhatsUp.net

WhatsUp.net is an urban collaborative commons; a social platform where your peers can contribute to the collective knowledge of upcoming events and cool places, and in turn you can explore and discover the latest things that you are interested in.

Frustrated by always reading about cool events after the fact, I built this site as an experiment to see if the collective word of mouth could be tapped to have more interesting experiences and meet people that share common interests.

My goal is for it to become a daily resource for the long tail of local, niche, buzz that isn't printed in the newspaper, broadcast on the radio, or otherwise advertised and can only be explored through the collective intelligence of your subculture.

So that's pretty much it, check it out, add some events and places, rank up and meet some new people. Let me know what you think and what features you'd like to see next.

Steve Snively