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The Sandhills Open Road Challenge is a 55 mile, rally-style, open road race through the Nebraska sandhills. Arguably the most demanding event of its kind in America, the SORC offers a daunting series of "S" curves, straights and 90-degree turns to challenge the most talented of drivers.

The SORC is comprised of nine speed classed from 80 MPH to Unlimited. Racing experience and safety equipment requirements determine the driver's class qualification.

The SORC pioneered the concept of the one mile shootout in 2002 and enjoys great popularity with drivers and spectators alike. The shoot out venue offers a smooth, straight, paved county road with a mile and one half mile shut down area. Competitors have posted speeds upwards of 220 MPH.

With unmatched hospitality, the people of Arnold and Custer County look forward to each August to welcome new and returning drivers. SORC veterans declare that the even is America's most family friendly open road race.

All entry fees and sponsorship revenue are donated to worthy local projects and local scholarship funds. To date, in only nine years, the SORC has donated in excess of $250,000 to such projects.

The 2010 Sandhills Open Road Challenge marks the SORC 10 year anniversary.

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Their website says registration is due by Feb 1st. That seems awfully far in advance of a race in August. I'm not sure if that means registration is closed or it is a misprint.

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