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Saturday, March 06 at 9:15P (over a year ago)

Andy grew up in Elkhart, Indiana where he enjoyed his Mothers cooking, and all the advantages of living in the motor home capital of the world. After graduating high school he attended Saint Louis University where he earned degrees in Environmental Science and Geology that look amazing hanging on the wall of his office.

In 2004 Andy won the St. Louis leg of the Laugh Across America Contest and was invited to perform at the Las Vegas Comedy Festival. In 2005 Andy’s unique sense of humor won him the Carnival Comedy Challenge in Chicago, and later that same year inspired a man in a Boston bar to beat the stuffing out of him. In 2008 Andy won the Butterfinger Comedy Showdown. He currently lives in Chicago and spends his time traveling the country performing stand up comedy, avoiding bar fights, and missing his moms cooking.

Colleges St. Louis University - St. Louis, MO Notre Dame - South Bend, IN Southern IL University - Edwardsville, IL

Festivals/contests Las Vegas Comedy Festival - Finalist Laugh Across America (St. Louis) - Winner Carnival Comedy Challenge (Chicago) - Winner Butterfinger Comedy Showdown - Winner Zaniest Person in Chicago (2008) - Second Place The Onion headline writing contest (Mayfest Chicago) - Winner

General: $23



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