Frequently Asked Questions

How should I be Tagging things?

While the virtue of tagging is that there aren't any rules, there are certain conventions that will help tags lump together better. The standard convention of tagging disallows spaces in the tag, so if you have a space in your tag it will be interpreted as two separate tags. To use multi-word tags you should use an underscore e.g. night_club, placing the words in quotes e.g. "night club" or by running the words together e.g. nightclub. Ambiguous names such as apple should be followed by its context in parentheses, so you can differentiate between Apple(company) and apple(fruit) or alternatively company:Apple and fruit:apple.

Tag searching is not case sensitive, but proper capitalization rules should be applied for proper names. You can read more about Tags on Wikipedia If you have questions ask us here.

What is a Zip Code?

In the United States we have 5 digit numbers to represent postal codes which roughly divide up country into appropriately sized areas. Specifying the Zip code in which you are in helps us personalize the local results to display for you.

Currently we are focusing on the US only at this time.